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no classes tuesday May 21

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Please arrive 10 minutes prior

 to class time 

Bring 2 blankets

 one for under your head

& one to lie on


Our "yoga" classes are open to all levels, including beginners.

all yoga classes focus on proper alignment with the support of props

"gentle yoga" is for anyone with health or mobility concerns

"vinyasa" is a flow class

"TRX" is a strength training class

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yoga & TRX schedule



8am - 9:30   Vinyasa with Andrea

9am - 10      TRX with Stephanie

10am - 11:30 yoga with Andrea

5:30pm - 7   yoga with Andrea


9am - 10:30  yoga with Mimi

11am - 12:30 yoga with Mimi


9am - 10 TRX with Stephanie

10am - 11:30 gentle with Andrea

4pm - 5:30   yoga with Andrea


9am - 10:30 yoga with Andrea

11am - 12:30 gentle yoga with Andrea



8am - 9:30    vinyasa with Andrea

9am -  10        TRX with Stephanie

10am - 11:30   yoga with Andrea                     


9am - 10:30 yoga with Andrea


10am - 11:30 yoga with Andrea


Monday, Wednesday + Friday

9 am - 10

Join Stephanie for an hour of TRX Strength Training to engage the 

whole body!

contact her @ (484) - 431 - 6873 

with questions / concerns

+  private sessions

Stephanie is a certified TRX coach, Personal Trainer + Yoga Instructor

" Having overcome my own health struggles, I am driven to educate clients of all ages and abilities to improve their lives. My multi-disciplinary approach focuses on creating balance, flexibility & core stability  "

Yoga prices

please arrive 10 minutes prior to class & bring your blankets !

8 Classes

pay in advance


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Yoga Nidra Meditation

YOGA NIDRA + Sound Healing

Wednesday,  May 22nd 

6pm - 7:15

$25 drop-in

or use your class card


rest to the sounds of 

healing instruments

gongs,  tibetan bowls + chimes

reservation required 

email us

crystal bowls produce

 sound waves that interact with

the natural vibrations of the body,

creating deep states of relaxation 

and healing

no experience required

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the yoga studio

33247 Fairfield Road, Lewes, Delaware 19958, United States

(302) 542-8529

email us here!


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